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A New Day, A New Year, A new Blog

Friends, let us begin this Blog with a special something – an information to help build not only this Happy New Year 2012 but many Happy New Years in the future for all of us. When our first book The Art of Timing was published in 1991, at first it was received with some degree of ridicule, but Johanna persevered in countless lectures to present this knowledge as a treasure of viable alternatives in many walks and areas of life.

Want to see a movie now?  is a German TV documentary providing you with a lively picture of our background. If Johanna’s home reminds you of “The Sound of Music” you’re not far off…

For example many courageous farmers simply tried part of the knowledge on small patches of their gardens. The result: The number of farmers converting from industrial to organic rose tenfold in the space of eight years in Germany and Austria. As it turned out among the many factors behind this growth to touch upon the following fact was essential.


Imagine a family moving into a residential home with a garden backyard. On a whim these good and “green-minded” people decide that a space of say ten by ten feet should remain “wild” and whatever grows there can stay, the soil will not be artificially fertilised or sprayed.

 Nature then proceeds to bring on a very specific diversity of herbs and plants. Exactly which herbs these are depends also on who is living in the house and which plants its inhabitants need for their well-being, and for the prevention, relief and healing of any illnesses that may arise. If one of the inhabitants has a physical weak point or develops a particular illness, the corresponding healing herb will appear, simultaneously, or sometimes even a short while beforehand – as if out of the blue.

Imagine now that after a while this family moves on and another follows to live there. The nature and composition of the herbs in these ten by ten feet of wilderness will change and adapt to the health requirements of the new inhabitants, without any direct intervention on their part.


This is so.

What does that tell us?

Meditate a little about this info. Let it sink in. What does it signify? What language does nature speak here?

One thing is for sure: To befriend nature is infinitely more rewarding than to subjugate it. To study it in her wholeness and beauty is infinitely more rewarding than to rip her apart into her elements, “active ingredients” and genes, based on the conviction to thus be able to unlock her secrets. It would entirely be enough just to watch her and accept her gifts. Ours is the decision not to follow that course and follow the “experts” instead. Not ours is the decision to suffer the consequences.

What then is the good sense and meaning of a lunar calendar and its many applications we have written about all these years? (For example also here)

It really is nothing but a marvelous tool to be able to recognize and predict the subtle interactions in the friendly ebb and flow of natural rhythms. The lunar calendar and the natural guidelines and laws it helps to decipher and apply are really nothing but our extended hand to be able to accept natures gifts in their entirety and abundance – her healing herbs and nourishing plants, her successful timing for planting and caring and healing at the right time, her right time for an abundant harvest, long-keeping without any chemicals. The lunar calendar is like a three-dimensional, multicolored clock. Her hands show us how nature, her superior, prefers to be treated – in soil preparing and in sowing as well as in caring, harvest, post-treatment, and resting time before the next developmental circle. With the lunar calendar your caress nature until she purrs und serves us so much more readily. We wish you much joy when beginning to accept this gift.