Birthday Numbers – There`s more than meets the eye

Our first book for an US-American readership: “The Code – Unlocking the Ancient Power of Your Birthday numbers“, published by BeyondWords Publishing. Here is the introductory article we wrote about it:

The Code – A Key to your Dreams

Some people seem to sail through life’s calm waters and life’s storms, minor or raging, with true peace of mind. As if they were born with the delight of being a seasoned captain who loves his job, who follows his true calling with all his or her heart. A joy to have them around, a more or less silent envy in the eyes of others, who trudge and tread through life with their glasses half empty at all times and without ready access to the sources of optimism and love for life. Follow me for a few minutes and I will acquaint you with one of the major reasons for this difference and I will disclose a working access Code to cross over into the coveted company of the great captains of life and you won’t have to spend a fortune, be it time or money. Hidden talents exist within you, you were born with them, they showed up in your earliest dreams, and they deserve to come to light. No longer will you have to pay the price for ignoring them.

In 1991 my wife Johanna Paungger and I achieved an extraordinary breakthrough. We made available to the public an ancient knowledge Johanna had grown up with in a Tyrolean mountain farmer’s family – a knowledge pervading all walks of life, from the beneficial timing of surgeries right down to the art of cutting hair in harmony with natural rhythms. Our ten books on the subject so far became the basis for a minor revolution. Today millions in the German speaking countries consult them before visiting a surgeon, a hair dresser, a dentist, a carpenter. We had presented a 1001 small ways and methods for improving and transforming anyone’s life for the better. Today, after over 20 million copies sold in 24 languages, we are extremely happy to offer one of these treasures for the first time to an American readership. What has been passed down from a long lineage of the wisdom of our forefathers we are blessed to pass on to you.

Our tenth book “The Code – Unlocking the Secret Power of your Birthday” (Beyond Words) deals with the most exotic part of the ancient lore. To sum it up: Each number in your birthdate points to a very special set of talents that you were born with from day one. The challenge and blessing involves their harmonious discovery and unfolding in the course of your life. The structure of this Code can be understood easily. Numbers are assigned in pairs to one of five groups. Each group represents very different characteristics. Altogether, there are 31 possible group combinations, the so-called Signatures. When looking at individual birthday numbers for evaluation do not count the first two numbers of your birth year (19 or 20). And when there are zeros before the day or month of your birth (e.g., 05/05/2008), only the actual number of the day or month is used (e.g., 5/5/08). Here is an example of the promise of the Code, see if these brief descriptors relate to you. If any of these numbers exist in your birthday they can help describe most of your major strengths, whereas the missing numbers point to some of the opposing forces:

Birth numbers 1 and 6: Provide stepping stones into the public eye. Don’t work behind the scenes, openly show your talents! These numbers impart vibrancy, curiosity as well as visionary qualities and courage. Occupations: Writer, attorney, politician, positions in public relations, media, inventor, etc.

Birth numbers 3 and 8: Provide sensibility and the ability to see through people and things. Empathy, tolerance and creativity are part and parcel of your innate talent set. Occupations: Healer, musician, nursery school teacher, caretaker, preacher, singer, organic farmer, etc.

Birth numbers 7 and 2: The “People of the South” tend to be naturally vivacious. They are entertaining, communicative, energetic, independent, enthusiastic and thrifty. They love change and are rarely bored. Occupations: Architect, researcher, painter, minister, dancer, singer, etc.

Birth numbers 4 and 9: Cause to be ambitious, success-driven, clever and efficient. You are born with a knack for finances and rarely lack assertiveness. Occupations: Manager, craftsman, inventor, engineer, athlete, etc.

Birth Numbers 5 and 0: Impart stability on their bearers. There is little that will ruffle these people. They are generous, sensible and helpful and display strong principles and practical thinking. Occupations: Gardener, geologist, forester, organic farmer; jobs that require patience.

Sounds familiar so far, when looking at your numbers? Who am I? What is my mission in life? How do I fulfill it? In what mysterious way have I attracted the people in my close surroundings and why? Is it merely by chance? Is it a big test or could it even be destiny? Even the staunchest realists are confronted with such existential questions time and again. In the alpine valleys of Tyrol a century-old treasure has been unearthed that can help us to discover and better understand the purpose of our existence, our relationships and our personality. With its help anyone can quickly find out what they are best suited for, and where their weak spots lie. You can better assess talents and abilities and make small and large changes in your lives. One look at the date of birth of a baby for example and it is obvious whether it is sensitive, fearless, dreamy, curious, musical, etc. Which traits should be encouraged and what should be kept in check shows up at a glance. Parents, children, colleagues, bosses – the Code switches on a different, more tolerant and compassionate light.

 You can quickly counteract, support and move things forward in all areas of your life. Countless professions could benefit from the Wheel of Numerology, human resources professionals, teachers, educators, healers, etc. The Code provides a key to true contentment at any age. The great and able captains of life only wait for you to join their ranks and reclaim what is your birthright: A life lived in loving harmony and at peace with yourself no matter what your station or profession, rank or status.

7 responses to “Birthday Numbers – There`s more than meets the eye

  1. Great blog! Is your theme custom made or did
    you download it from somewhere? A design like yours with a few simple tweeks would really make my blog jump out.

    Please let me know where you got your design.

  2. Hello, Thomas & Johanna!

    I have been a fan of your books since 1995!
    I have shared them with my shaman, who was very impressed by your
    scope of knowledge.

    I want to ask you: how much sleep is too much sleep?

    Thank you!


    • Dear Maria,
      Hmmm, that is a question the answer to which would have to be tailored to each individual case…
      The “correct” answer changes with age, individual state, health concerns, general level of inspiration to meet the day, personal biorhythm,
      Personally I feel that I have slept too long when I do not get up rested and looking forward to what the day might bring. Funny that this moment is so varied, sometimes right down to depending on the weather…
      It’s not so much the length of sleep, but rather what function does it have? Does it fulfill its function to charge my batteries? Do I use it as an escape from responsibilities? And so on. Personally I never ever have felt sleepless. Why? Because if I can’t sleep I DO something, write a love letter, pursue a hobby, meditate, etc.
      Hope this helps…

  3. Yes, Tom, it does, thank you.
    The factors you mention are certainly worth taking into consideration.
    It’s just that recent studies in America are saying that too little sleep or
    too much sleep can shorten one’s life. But it’s never mentioned exactly
    how many hours–or how few–is deemed to be life-threatening.

  4. The link provided for a free reading doesn’t work – it sent me to a completely unrelated content.

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