Old Wisdom for New Beginnings

So you started full of optimism into this year 2012, did you? You may have had a pocket full of New Year’s resolutions for a better you and/or a better world. Almost 90 % of all New Year Resolutionists will have failed by now, a few days into the year and chances are, you are one of them.

Good news, no need to worry!

New Year’s day 2012, like most of the first days of any year, was not very helpful when it comes to “energies in the air” conducive to starting anything new successfully.

There are such days, and one of them is coming up on the 23rd of January. It’s a day of the New Moon, which helps to start something new and to get rid of the old and outdated and superfluous and destructive. Every New Moon day has that quality.

Adhering to this rule is comparable to summoning a steady-blowing favorable wind. Set sails now and head for your goal, you will have this wind in your back like a good friend for company.

You like skiing? Starting something new on a New Moon day is like receiving your skis back from the service, expertly waxed and providing a happy downhill feeling even on level ground.

Of course there are no warranties. The most favorable breeze has to blend in with the expertise of a skilled captain. His common sense shouldn’t stay behind on the shore. Lastly, if smoking is what you want to give up on the 23rd or on the next New Moon (New Moon in spring is the most powerful) then don’t forget that you should drive extra carefully during the first three days.

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