Great Read! “Starving you Way to Vigor”!

Friends, here’s a great read for you, an article by Steve Hendricks in Harper’s.  This piece is so much spot on. It will save many people’s lives and improve that of so many others.

Fasting. Been there and done it myself. Once for three weeks, twice for one week each. Very often for one day, especially during New Moon or Full Moon, for reasons I leave up to your curiosity to discover.

After reading this article Johanna thought you might be interested where the pain in the lower back comes from which many a fasting person experiences to some degree. Actually a great many people suffer from the very same condition when getting up in the morning. They experience a slight to severe lower back pain which disappears after between ten to sixty minutes. When talking about this during lectures about half of the audience nods in recognition.

This pain is caused by stressed out kidneys – again caused by eating a “normal” dinner after 7 to 8 pm, especially if this dinner contained a lot of wheat. Via energy meridians (the highly “unscientific” ones) the kidneys communicate their plight to the lower back. Fasters experience it because they hardly ever drink enough to prevent it. Most of the time this pain disappears after a few hours and doesn’t come back.

And another tidbit: The headache or downright migraine around the third day of a fast is due to withdrawal symptoms from eating a meat based diet. Vegans don’t experience that (well they hardly ever fast in the first place).

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