Enemy, thy name be Dandelion!

So you fell for THEM and their brainwashing machine. And learned to say NO to this abominable weed defiling your meticulously kept lawn.

Well, you are of course aware and agree to the NO which follows from it.

The NO to all the living beings profiting from dandelion’s existence.

NO to the bees who depend on them for their nourishment.

NO to their honey.

NO to their invaluable work of pollinating our plants, our crops, our very life subsistence.

You say NO to all the animals thriving on the dandelion’s existence. Most of all the earthworm, valuable for us humans beyond imagination.  No fertile soil without these magical creatures. YOU say NO to them. Imagine that!

You wholeheartedly say NO to the dandelion?

NO to its manifold medicinal qualities, which make it one of the most powerful healing herbs there are (right up there with daisies, nettles, etc.) .

NO to eating three dandelion stalks daily (no more!) which would protect your liver.

NO to the delicious healing honey, that can be homemade from its flowers.

NO to the leaves which make a delicious salad (to be had in the five star restaurants of Switzerland, even today…) with more Vitamin C, minerals and precious trace elements than any product from market or pharmacy. NO to the roots which can be turned into a powerful detox elixir.

You scream NO! to the dandelion. And the list of life-giving aspects of this plant is by no means complete.

In essence you say NO to life itself when fighting, spraying, killing a dandelion.

Bowing down to it, you can hear it whisper: “Who among you dummies dared to call me weed? It doesn’t really matter because I will to continue to provide until you wake up.”

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