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The Beginning of a New Day (or: What the REAL problem is with the Trumps of this world)

The master once asked his disciples, how exactly the end of the night can be discerned from the beginning of the day.

One answered: “When you see an animal in the distance and recognize it as a cow or a horse.”

“No,” said the master.

“When you identify a tree in the distance as a cherry tree or a beech tree”.

“Wrong again”, said the master.

“When you can differentiate between a hawk or a crow flying above.”

“That too is not the correct answer”, said the teacher.

“What is it then?” asked the disciples.

“When you look into the face of a man and recognize your brother in it. When you look into the face of a woman and recognize your sister in it. Whoever is not capable of that – for him it is night, regardless of where the sun is at that time.”