Johanna Paungger-Poppe & Thomas Poppe are Europe’s most successful non-fiction writers. Their books have reached a printed edition of more than 14 million copies in the German language and millions more in 24 other languages. 

Johanna is one of ten children of a farmer in the Tyrolean mountains (Austria). She was raised to respect the local wisdom that has been kept alive for centuries and handed down from one generation to the next. When she was young, Johanna’s grandfather took her in as his apprentice and, over the course of many years, passed on the ancient traditions. Her knowledge includes the art of living in harmony with the moon and healing traditions using herbs, color, movement, bodywork, nutrition, and more. In 1983 Johanna began giving lectures with one goal in mind: To keep alive and pass on the ancient knowledge that had been given to her.

Thomas is the author of more than 20 books and is an Aikido master. With his wife Johanna Thomas has co-authored nine books including several bestsellers that have made her valuable knowledge available to the general public. Its subjects comprise living in har­mony with the moon, ancient healing traditions us­ing herbs, color, movement, bodywork, nutrition, organic farming and more. After publication of their first book in 1991 the number of Austrian farmers switching from industrial to organic rose tenfold in the space of eight years.

More about their work: Www.paungger-poppe.com   and  www.birthdaycode.com   

5 responses to “About

  1. Thomas & Johanna,

    I am reading The Birthday Code
    and checked your website for my Signature.

    It says I am N/S/W/C.
    My birthday is January 19, 1970.

    I’m surprised to see my East is missing,
    because I’ve been told–and feel–many of its qualities.

    Could there be a mistake in the calculations?

    Thank you,


  2. Oops, my mistake!
    Must be the moon. 🙂

    I’m still looking; which page is it on?

    Also, when a person changes his name,
    will this affect their overall Signature in any way?

    Thank you so much, Thomas!


  3. Page 73 of “THE CODE” (English translation) and NO, a name change does not change your birthday date, does it? 😉

  4. Hello, Thomas.

    I appreciate your help in understanding this better.
    Numbers confuse me; I am much better with words.

    Yes, I found it right after I asked you, but I do not know
    where my Center of Gravity is located.

    As for colors, I cannot live without red, so how do I know
    when I have overdone it?

    With a name change, no, of course not. 🙂
    I was thinking more in terms of its own numerology.

    Besides the Code, do you follow Pythagorean or Chaldean
    Numerology? Or any Feng Shui at all?

    You mentioned how music can be a destructive force.
    Please elaborate on this topic in a future article.

    Danke schon! 😀


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