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The Timing of Plastic Surgery

Beauty indeed is only skin deep and all standards of “beautiful” and “appealing” and “cool looking” are fleeting and temporary. Yesterday’s permanent waves would probably kick one out of the basketball team today. Today’s men’s military bristles would probably earn them chuckle and scorn at tomorrow’s business dinner.

The point we want to make here is: There are good reasons to want to improve on one’s looks surgically. Now if you plan an aesthetic plastic surgery for any reason (for example when suffering from the effects of an accident, etc.) timing plays a decisive role in its outcome. The exact date can influence the healing process and the scar tissue formation. Everything can work out as planned and hoped for, in a worst case scenario you have to repeat the procedure or end up suing for malpractice.

Surgeons cooperating with us in Europe were able to work more successfully in their practice. Thousands of satisfied clients and patients attest to the successful workings of the ancient timing guidelines we have revived in our books. Here they are when it comes to the art of performing surgeries:

If you can freely choose the date of a surgery, then choose a date during waning moon (i.e. between Full Moon and New Moon). Avoid the Zodiac sign in which the moon resides which governs the intended area.

For example Aries governs the head down to the upper jaw. Consequently don’t perform lid corrections when the moon resides in Aries and choose a date during waning moon. Here is the list of the body zones governed by the Zodiac signs:

Zodiac Sign      Do not operate on:

Aries                          Head, Brain, Eyes, Nose

Taurus                     Teeth, Jaws, Tonsils, Ears, Thyroid

Gemini                     Shoulder, Arms, Hands (Lungs)

Cancer                     Chest, Lungs, Stomach, Liver, Gall bladder

Leo                           Heart, Back, Diaphragm

Virgo                      Digestive tract, Spleen, Pancreas

Libra                       Hips, Kidney, Bladder

Scorpio                  Sexual organs, Urinary tract

Sagittarius            Thighs, Veins,

Capricorn             Knees, Skin, Spine, Bone Structure, Joints

Aquarius              Lower legs, Veins

Pisces                    Feet, Toes

These basic rules are easy to follow. The only tool you need is a lunar calendar giving the times of the moon phases and the position of the moon in the Zodiac. Both informations are contained in almost all farmer’s almanacs, but you also can ask us. Send an Email to vrz@aon.at and we will send a calendar back for free.

On a side note: As a physician, surgeon or dentist you are in the unique position to verify the workings of the Art of Timing in your profession in retrospect. Go through your files and compare the outcome of surgeries with a lunar calendar. See where complications occurred, unusual events, abundant scar tissue, etc. and check exactly when the surgery was performed. The result will speak for itself.